Tokyo in Winter (2013-14)

Some of my photographs from the end of 2013 and early 2014.

Yokohama on a Sunday

Winter 2013-14-1000975

Winter 2013-14-1000972

Winter 2013-14-1000952


Ginko leaves on their last weekend…

Winter 2013-14-1001022


Winter 2013-14-1001117

Some reflections

Winter 2013-14-1001182

Dusk over the centre of Tokyo

Tokyo Dusk - 12 January 2014

A roller-coaster ride… through a building or two!

Winter 2013-14-1001241

Winter 2013-14-1001242

Winter 2013-14-1001245

Rollercoaster at Korakuen

Ramen in Shinbashi

Ramen in Shinbashi 1

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