Tokyo spring

The sakura is now out… it may not last as the weather isn’t very spring like.
Idabashi Sakura March 2014-1002121

Idabashi Sakura March 2014-1002109

Idabashi Sakura March 2014-1002116

Walking up Takao-san in the spring… with snow still on the ground.

If you contribute to the temple you get to put your name on the wall.

Takao-san March 2014-1001982

Wishes for the future.

Takao-san March 2014-1001981

Takao-san March 2014-1001975

Takao-san March 2014-1001974

Takao-san March 2014-1001972

Takao-san March 2014-1001971

The summit

Takao-san March 2014-1001964

Takao-san March 2014-1001961

Takao-san March 2014-1001959

The red hats keep their heads warm…


Takao-san March 2014-1001957


Takao-san guchi


Takao-san March 2014-1001955

Sakura at night in Nakameguro


Hanami 2014-1002077

Hanami 2014-1002074

Hanami 2014-1002066

Hanami 2014-1002064

Hanami 2014-1002058

Hanami 2014-1002051

Hanami 2014-1002049

Hanami 2014-1002041

Hanami 2014-1002033

Hanami 2014-1002029


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