Asakusa on a December day

Some of the sights and sounds of the very touristy area around the Sensō-ji temple in Asakusa on a December day.  The whole area is a throng of tourists, sightseers, tour guides (some pulling rickshaws, others who appear to have lost their parties) and worshippers, young and old, who have come to visit the ancient temples, have their fortunes told and buy some of the usual tourist fare sold at the myriad stalls… at special tourist rates. Some of this is to do with the end-of-year fair, other parts are there all year round. On top of that there is always the possibility of catching sight of a celebrity; an actress and former takarazuka star (Yuga Yamato大和 悠河) or a sumo-san (Asahishou, 旭日松) visiting the Sensō-ji temple with his young lady.  Perhaps even taking a selfie!



Asahishou, 旭日松




Asakusa on a December day MSR-Blog-1010075



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