Tsukiji: when the market closes

Lunchtime is when the Tsukiji fish market (築地市場) closes.  Most of the sales, including the famous tuna auction, are in the small hours of the morning. Once lunchtime comes around a few retail shops outside stay open for the general public and tourists but the wholesale market closes, the rubbish is picked up and remaining fish, alive or otherwise, are put into storage for the following day.  Here are some images of the market as it’s cleared up and the last of the workers leave for the day.

Rest after a hard morning’s work.



Boxes are moved to overnight refrigerated storage on gas-powered trolleys.



Live prawns are sorted by size and sealed into their seawater tanks for the night.



Tuna heads stare, lying alongside other debris, evidence of earlier sales.



Polystyrene boxes stacked to be put into recycling bins by miniature tractors.



Empty counters, empty market.

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