• Bishamonten Zenkoku-ji Temple
  • Kagurazaka Matsuri

    The Kagurazaka Matsuri, a festival and with a folk music and dance competition, all rolled into one.  The participants dance in front of a group of judges at Bishamonten Zenkoku-ji Temple.  The evening was unbelievably hot with humidity running close to 100%.  The participants… or maybe contestants dance in effortless uniformity, perfectly coordinated, with the occasional character […]

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  • Fukagawa Hachiman Matsuri

    … a summer festival in Tokyo Shrines carried around the ward in a huge, slow-moving procession with the temperature in the high 30’s. How else would you spend a Sunday morning? This is before the parade even arrives, the people in the truck filled with water from a fire hydrant pour water over a tourist who […]