• Japan
  • Tsukiji: when the market closes

    Lunchtime is when the Tsukiji fish market (築地市場) closes.  Most of the sales, including the famous tuna auction, are in the small hours of the morning. Once lunchtime comes around a few retail shops outside stay open for the general public and tourists but the wholesale market closes, the rubbish is picked up and remaining fish, alive or […]

  • Ginza
  • Photographers in Ginza

    Other photographers are not normally my first choice as subjects but today was an exception… Rikuichi Kishimoto had some stunning images he has taken to show off and certainly had no shortage of pretty girls willing to pose for him when I took this shot! He was using standard 100 ISO film today but he […]

  • Asakusa
  • Asakusa on a December day

    Some of the sights and sounds of the very touristy area around the Sensō-ji temple in Asakusa on a December day.  The whole area is a throng of tourists, sightseers, tour guides (some pulling rickshaws, others who appear to have lost their parties) and worshippers, young and old, who have come to visit the ancient temples, have their fortunes […]

  • Akasaka
  • Tokyo winter skies

    The edge of a storm passes over Tokyo at dusk.  The long winter shadows leave the diet building (Kokaigijido) in shadow. Shadows of skyscrapers fall around the Imperial Palace, pointing towards the distant Sky Tree, backed by leaden skies. The adjustments to these photographs are minimal – this is what it really looked like on the day. […]

  • Akasaka
  • Moving vehicles

    Movement and reflections on the streets of Tokyo Some of the sights and sounds of the streets of Tokyo, going from Akaska at night to a sunny afternoon in Yoyogi Koen.  Off to the fire with siren and flashing lights. Yes, really!  The Akasaka fire brigade race to an emergency… really looking very relaxed and confident […]

  • Japan
  • Tatsumi patterns

    Tatsumi, one of the reclaimed islands on the edge of Tokyo, with its array of government housing, dormitories and other accommodation provides a fascinating array of patterns, textures and structures. Bridges and buildings. River defences stand beside the channels between islands. A small breakwater in a jungle of concrete. The area is almost deserted but everything […]