• Japan
  • Tsukiji: when the market closes

    Lunchtime is when the Tsukiji fish market (築地市場) closes.  Most of the sales, including the famous tuna auction, are in the small hours of the morning. Once lunchtime comes around a few retail shops outside stay open for the general public and tourists but the wholesale market closes, the rubbish is picked up and remaining fish, alive or […]

  • Ginza
  • Photographers in Ginza

    Other photographers are not normally my first choice as subjects but today was an exception… Rikuichi Kishimoto had some stunning images he has taken to show off and certainly had no shortage of pretty girls willing to pose for him when I took this shot! He was using standard 100 ISO film today but he […]

  • Japan
  • Tokyo spring

    The sakura is now out… it may not last as the weather isn’t very spring like. Walking up Takao-san in the spring… with snow still on the ground. If you contribute to the temple you get to put your name on the wall. Wishes for the future. The summit The red hats keep their heads […]