• Asakusa
  • Asakusa on a December day

    Some of the sights and sounds of the very touristy area around the Sensō-ji temple in Asakusa on a December day.  The whole area is a throng of tourists, sightseers, tour guides (some pulling rickshaws, others who appear to have lost their parties) and worshippers, young and old, who have come to visit the ancient temples, have their fortunes […]

  • Bishamonten Zenkoku-ji Temple
  • Kagurazaka Matsuri

    The Kagurazaka Matsuri, a festival and with a folk music and dance competition, all rolled into one.  The participants dance in front of a group of judges at Bishamonten Zenkoku-ji Temple.  The evening was unbelievably hot with humidity running close to 100%.  The participants… or maybe contestants dance in effortless uniformity, perfectly coordinated, with the occasional character […]

  • Japan
  • Tokyo Tower and surrounds

    Tokyo Tower in early summer. Old and new sit side by side. Along with new and newer. Temple across the road. Wishes tied to trees… And some special wishes of a rather direct kind – someone would like to take Olga as his lover. And memorials… with knitted red hats for the winter and fans for the heat […]

  • Japan
  • Tokyo spring

    The sakura is now out… it may not last as the weather isn’t very spring like. Walking up Takao-san in the spring… with snow still on the ground. If you contribute to the temple you get to put your name on the wall. Wishes for the future. The summit The red hats keep their heads […]